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Whether you've hit a roadblock or need advice on a specific topic, our fortnightly group coaching calls will give you the answers you're looking for.

Hosted live over Zoom, these marathon calls often go for 2+ hours each time! If you can't join us live, every session is recorded and time-stamped so you can catch up via the replays uploaded into your coaching portal.

You can also tune into our BM Radio (audio replays) so you can level up while working, chilling or on the go.

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Alongside fortnightly group coaching calls with Jai, you'll also have the option to jump onto weekly accountability calls with Anna (our Business Map community manager).

This is an open and casual space where you're welcome to dive deeper on your goals, share inspiration, and hold each other accountable.

Personal and intimate, these calls won't be recorded so you can show up whenever you need it most. 

Chat about your goals, share learnings, and get more inspiration