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Is the Business Map for me?

01. I’ve read all the testimonials, will I achieve the same level of success? 

The Six-Figure Business Map course covers everything you need to know to build a successful photography/ videography business. From creating a rock-solid business plan to nailing your online presence, targeting your dream clients, streamlining your workflows, revamping your pricing strategy, sales and marketing...That’s just some of it, we literally cover EVERYTHING from foundational elements to essential business skills and proven frameworks to accelerate your success.

Everyone has varying ideas of what success looks like, different goals and unique trajectories but as long as you are 100% committed to investing in yourself and putting the hard work in, you will achieve your desired success.

02. If I’m just getting started on my business, will this course still be good for me?

Yes, yes, 100000% YES! The beautiful thing about the Six-Figure Business Map is that it works for new and seasoned photographers. Running a successful photography business isn’t just about taking pretty photos or throwing money into advertising. You need to have the fundamental business skills and systems in place to ensure your business’s sustainable, long-term growth. Otherwise, you’ll end up working for your business (rather than it working for you) and wasting valuable time and money.

This course is absolutely for you!

03. I’m not a wedding photographer, can I still enrol?

Absolutely! The course is for photographers across all niches - weddings, lifestyle, portraits, branding, family, maternity and newborn photography, just to name a few. We’d love for you to enrol.

04. Is this course suitable for videographers too?

Yes, it definitely is! We have many videographers inside the course right now and they’re killing it! While photos and videos may be slightly different final products, the business front and back end are essentially exactly the same. The course is all about BUSINESS, not shooting photography or videography.

You still need to have the correct frameworks and efficient processes in place to ensure your clients see all the amazing value you have to offer, as well as setting your business up to achieve sustainable growth.

05. How much time will it take to complete the course?

The Six-Figure Business Map is a self-paced course available for 12 months from your enrolment date. We’re all wired a little differently with various learning styles, so you can work your way through the course as slow or as quick as you like. 

There’s an introduction module at the start which will help you with determining the best way to progress through each of the core modules, without the overwhelm. The 12-month “deadline” keeps you accountable for putting the time commitment and hard work in, so you can overcome procrastination and make your goals happen!

06. I don’t have a website or any online presence yet, will this course help?

Yup, it sure will. In fact, the Six-Figure Business Map has modules on how to build a website, craft your branding and launch your socials - perfecto, right?! We even teach you how to effectively use Google to enhance your online presence.

07. I’m already earning over six figures, will this course take me further?

Go you! Yes, the Six-Figure Business Map is designed for businesses at all stages. There are strategies to help newer businesses reach $100k+, as well as advanced content for businesses that have already crossed the $200-300k+ threshold. Once you’ve got the optimal systems in place, you’ll be empowered to set and smash new goals as your business grows and thrives.

08. What can I expect when I enrol in the Six-Figure Business map?

So much value! Once you enrol, you’ll have an onboarding process to guide you through the first steps and welcome you into our community. You’ll have full access to all the course modules, bonus inclusions and exclusive perks. You can take your time to find your bearings or dive straight in, there are no hard and fast rules.

Definitely jump into our private Facebook group to introduce yourself and meet your fellow sailors! Many have said that the community alone has been hugely pivotal to their growth, from sharing wins to asking for help and brainstorming ideas.

09. How long do I have access to the course for?

You’ll have access to the course for 12 months. This “deadline” is deliberately put in place to keep you accountable for investing your time and energy into levelling up your business and transforming your goals into reality. 

Once you’ve reached the end of your enrolment, you’ll have the option to renew it for another 12 months so you can enjoy continued access to current and new content. Many sailors opt to do this for the community value alone!

10. Is there support during and after the course?

Yes, of course! We’re here for you every step of the way. Plus, you’ll be welcomed into the exclusive ‘Six Figure Business Map’ Facebook group where everyone’s super active and supportive.

You will also have access to our monthly LIVE group coaching calls where we’ll discuss any questions you have and get your business skyrocketing! There’s also 1:1 mentoring available if you want to workshop your personal goals or gain more clarity with any specific areas you’re struggling with.

11. What happens once my 12-month enrolment is up?

The 12-month enrolment timeline ensures that we can create an exclusive, committed group of individuals who’re ready to make big changes and level up together. During the 12 months, you’ll have complete access to all new content releases and updates, at no extra cost.

Once your 12-month enrolment is up, you’re very welcome to sign up again to keep enjoying fresh content and community perks. We’re always working hard to make sure you get the maximum bang for your buck!

12. Do you offer payment plans? And why is it in USD?

Yep, we sure do! You can choose a one-time payment in full or a flexible 12-month payment plan. 

We charge in USD because our audience is from all over the world, not just Australia. USD is an international currency which makes it easier for most. 

13. How do I access my course materials?

Once you enrol into the Business Map course, you’ll be emailed instructions for setting up your Kajabi membership account. You’ll be able to log in at any time and go through the course at your own pace. Please ensure you have a Wi-Fi connection to watch the videos.

Inside the course, you’ll find a link to join our secret Facebook group where you can get support and connect with others on your journey.

14. I’ve heard you will add more content as we go along, will I have to pay extra?

Nope, once you’re in and have paid for the course, you won’t pay anything extra for the next 12 months! 

To make sure you’re receiving as much value as possible, we’re always sourcing feedback and encouraging the community to suggest what other content they would love to see. New modules, videos and content will be added to the course as we go along and all updates are announced in the Facebook group so you don’t miss out!

15. Does the course have subtitles and captions?

The videos come with English captions and Spanish subtitles that can be turned on/off as needed. 

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