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Hey legends! I’m Jai and I’ve been a high-level business coach for photographers and creatives since 2015.

★ Business Coach & Mentor

★ Award-Winning Wedding Photographer

★ 7-figure Serial Entrepreneur

★ 'Make Your Break' Podcast Show Host 

★ Founder of the Wedding Photography Summit

★ Co-Founder of Vegan Clothing Label 'noskin'

★ Public Speaker

★ Enneagram 8

★ Vegan

If you’re ready to make shit happen, it’d be my honour to share your adventure in business and in life.

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The biz journey can be hella testing and lonely, especially if you feel like no one really understands or appreciates your big-picture vision...

But we do. Celebrating your passion, we hear you, we feel you.
And on behalf of your future self, thank you. 

Wedding photographer, website designer, florist, or any other type of "creative", being a business owner can feel like a never-ending rollercoaster ride. From manically busy "no time to breathe" periods, to the dreaded "OMG, I have zero enquiries and no money in the bank" quiet spells, you learn to expect the unexpected.

Sometimes it feels like no one gets it. Sometimes you're tempted to call it quits because you feel like you've got nothing left to give.

Friend, you deserve to be seen, heard, and celebrated. Don't let anyone - let alone yourself - rob you of your starry-eyed dreams.

With the support of a like-minded community of creatives, we're here to reconnect you with your big-hearted purpose and empower your success with clear, actionable steps.

Let's level up together!

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Wildly clumsy and often covered in pug fur/slobber, I’m also “mum of the business” according to Jai. If you spot any embarrassing typos on our website, emails, content, etc., let’s blame Jai to save my sanity.

Living my stand-up comedy dreams through words and GIFs, my 5’1 self will likely - and willingly - get kidnapped by anyone offering hot chips, doggo cuddles or a beach vacay.



Living life in any and all shades of pink, I’m the Community Happiness Guru for all things Captain’s Lounge at Jai Long Co.

Haling from the U.S. I’m here to excitedly empower and uplift others in their creative journey, all while holding a cocktail and a cat.



community manager


A cat at heart, I'm either out exploring my curiosities of the world or lazing around in the sun (usually both together).

Here to keep all the behind-the-scenes admin (and Jai's life) moving and flowing with ease. 



But more importantly, here's what the crew think of Jai...




"Yo-yoing between manically hustling, cracking jokes, and being super chill, he’s more of a bestie. As much as I try, it’s impossible to hate him."

“Jai is generous, laidback and creative - a child at heart with ambitious goals. It's hard to not feel inspired and motivated around him.”

"Idea to action in a single breath. Jai-boy is someone you start a convo with at the pub and leave rethinking your whole life strategy."