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There’s no question that the photography marketplace is crowded with talent. But guess what?

No one else is you.
No one can copy your energy.

Burn so bright that it's impossible for them to ignore you.

"I joined the Business Map because I’m obsessed with Jai - I can’t get enough of his education and energy! Listening to his voice calms me down. I wanted to be a part of a community and thought what better community than the business map. 🙌🏻

I’m STOKED to be here !!!!"


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Jai Long

Empowering you with proven biz strategies, tips and tricks, I truly believe that you can smash the glass ceilings and make the "impossible" your reality.

Let's build a biz that reciprocates your love and sky-rocket your success've got this!

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"This is the best fkn course on the planet for wedding photographers."

Six-Figure Business Map